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Healing Smoothies – Digestive Health

Healing Smoothies - Digestive Health

Digestion is paramount to lasting well being and healing at all levels in the body. In this article I am going to talk about the role of the digestive system, give you a brief rundown on the components of the digestive system, talk about the role of

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Healing Smoothies – Cardiovascular Health

Healing Smoothies - Cardiovascular Health

Despite the warnings, many people still overindulge and place their cardiovascular health at risk. Over 780,000 people die from heart diseases each year in the USA and Australia isn’t too far behind. This disease places huge demands on public health systems and is one of the most

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Healing Smoothies – Cancer Prevention.

Healing Smoothies - Cancer Prevention.

Adding further to the theme of inflammation, immunity and antioxidants, we arrive at what I am asked about often which is Cancer prevention. Cancer is a major health problem in the western world due largely to poor lifestyle habits and poor nutrition but also is now being

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Healing Smoothies – Immune System Boost

Healing Smoothies - Immune System Boost

Diet and lifestyle play a major role in our immune system’s ability to keep our body protected and safe from invading pathogens and functioning at optimum levels. Unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits such as smoking, exhaust fumes, eating a fatty or diet rich in processed foods and

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Healing Smoothies – Anti-Inflammatory Smoothies

Healing Smoothies - Anti-Inflammatory Smoothies

With the advances in the knowledge of and proof behind nutritional medicine these days, food is fast becoming the most potent way to both help treat and prevent illness and poor well being. There are a myriad of devices and experts out there touting the benefits of

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Recepies That Heal – Craig’s Lunch Salad

Recepies That Heal - Craig's Lunch Salad

Greetings friends. I am always helping people to get their diet’s under control and to eat more healthful foods. Lots of my clients are always saying to me; “I just don’t have time to make a healthy lunch” or “It’s too hard to make something healthy, I

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Healing Recepies – Purple Porridge & Bannana Berry Smoothie

Healing Recepies - Purple Porridge & Bannana Berry Smoothie

Greetings friends. I am often asked what a naturopath eats for breakfast and whether or not I use healing foods. Well of course I do, I am not going to advocate for something I wouldn’t use. I have been eating this way for a number of years

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Raw Cream of Broccoli Soup

Raw Cream of Broccoli Soup

Greetings friends. Broccoli is another commonly eaten food that is classed now as a superfood and as we already know, eating more raw foods in our diet is hugely beneficial to our well being. below is a tweaked up version of a Raw Cream of Broccoli Soup

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Healing Tropical Smoothie – Anti-Inflammatory

Healing Tropical Smoothie - Anti-Inflammatory

Greetings friends. Got a really yummy healing smoothie recepie for you today friends. This is a great smoothie to have anytime but it especially beneficial to anyone with inflammations in the body due to the turmeric, pineapple and bananas contained within the recepie. These are great anti-inflammatory

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Combining Deep Tissue Therapy and NES Bio-Energetic Therapy for Chronic Soft Tissue Problems

Combining Deep Tissue Therapy and NES Bio-Energetic Therapy for Chronic Soft Tissue Problems

My new approach to managing and improving more chronic and longer term soft tissue problems and conditions. I am seeing more and more people coming to me with chronic soft tissue problems as a result of their work, their sporting activities and so on. These problems are

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