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Quick-Home-Remedy-GuideHi friends. Here’s a cool little resource for you. I have compiled a quick remedy guide for you from some information I have had laying around for a while. This is a great ebook to keep handy for all those common ailments that pop up from time to time. The reference guide is in alphabetical order so you can locate what you are looking for easily. Each ailment has relevant herbs/foods, vitamins, minerals and other supplements that may help that particular condition. This is mean’t to be a guide not gospel so if your condition is more serious or longer term then make sure you seek the advice of a professional. To download your FREE copy of this ebook just click on the button below. You can also freely redistribute this ebook to your friends and family.

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Enjoy your free ebook and I hope it helps you to be well.

Craig Hitchens – MST & Holistic Naturopath



Craig Hitchens is a practicing natural health therapist in Dunsborough, Western Australia. Craig specializes in remedial muscle therapy, bio-energetic therapies, nutrition and herbal medicine. Craig has a passion for informing people on how to be well and healthy using natural methods. Craig openly shares his knowledge and experience with anyone wanting to know how to improve their lives using natural health care. Craig has been in practice for over a decade professionally and long before that was an advocate for natural health care and personal empowerment through the use of natural therapies. You can follow Craig here FaceBook

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I highly recommend Craig Hitchens and his services. Craig has helped and supported me through some very difficult health problems using NES and general nutritional advice. Craig has often provided advice and done research without me asking, sometimes without charging me, in his free time. He is a caring, well informed, passionate and highly motivated natural health practitioner. I Feel that NES has cured me of chronic Epstein Barr virus that left me bed ridden for 5 years. My chronic fatigue has been significantly reduced and I'm now living a normal, happy life.
Sylvia MacLeish - CFS Sufferer

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