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Herbal Preparations – Syrups

Herbal Preparations - Syrups

Greetings friends. This is the last in my short series of articles on making and using your own home herbal remedies. Today we look at an old favourite; Syrups. A syrup is used to help heal sore throats, coughs and the tickling irritations that come with those. It is also useful for loosening phlegm (expectoration) and strengthening the lungs. Syrups work well in these situations because they coat the area and keep the herbs in direct contact with the problem area/s. Syrups are fun and easy to make. Either fresh cut or dried whole herbs can be used. You will not want to use powdered herbs because they will taste gritty. The sweetener added can affect the healing properties of the syrup somewhat. White sugar is depleting to the body’s immunity and is known to worsen inflammations among a myriad of other issues. Raw honey on the other hand is very medicinal and may aid in cutting mucus, soothing sore and inflamed throats and also had proven antibacterial qualities. The sugar in honey are also energizing to the body in small amounts. Anyway, enough from me, here’s what to do to make yourself and family some herbal syrup.


What You Will Need To Make Herbal Syrup

1. Fresh or dried whole herbs.
2. Saucepan x 2
3. Tea strainer or sift
4. Airtight, resealable glass bottle.
5. Raw Honey

Herbal Syrup Recipe

1. Make tea of herbs wanted in syrup using 1 litre of water to 60gm of herbs.
2. Slowly simmer tea until only half remains; around 400-500ml of liquid.
3. Strain tea through strainer of sift into second saucepan. While still warm, add 60gm of honey stir well until dissolved.
4. After cooling, pour into glass bottle/s and seal. Keep in the fridge.

Use 1 litre of water to 60gm of herbs. For a simple syrup that will last around 1 month refrigerated, use 60gm of raw honey. For a syrup that lasts unrefrigerated for up to 1 year, use 900gm of Raw Honey to 500 ml of herbal tea. When finished, you should have made around 500ml of syrup. Note that this will be quite sweet.

Children may take 1 teaspoon of syrup as needed. Adults may take 1 table spoon of syrup as needed.

Always keep syrups in the fridge. Simple syrup will last for around 1 month, otherwise up to one year.

Well there you have it friends, the last article in my short series on making and using your own home herbal remedies. I hope you have learned some useful skills and are able to reap the benefits of this for may years to come.

Until next time, be well, naturally.

Craig Hitchens – Natural Health Practitioner



My own clinical knowledge

“Herbs of Life” authored by Lesley Tierra, pg 188-189


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