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How To Lose Weight Properly – Lite n Easy Versus The 4 Phase Fat Elimination Program

How To Lose Weight Properly - Lite n Easy Versus The 4 Phase Fat Elimination Program

Greetings friends. Today’s article is about losing weight properly. Currently there are such a large number of weight loss programs on the market that is is just so confusing for people as what is real and what is bulldust. I have been asked by an increasing number of my clients to compare the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Program to Lite n Easy, a popular and heavily advertised program and to point out why I feel the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Program is better. Now from the start I will disclose that I am an advocate of the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Program from Changing Habits and for good reason; it works and works well and I arrived at this conclusion a while back after comparing it to as many of the most popular programs around at present including Lite n Easy as I was genuinely looking for programs to help my clients. The 4 Phase Fat Elimination Program is realistic and is based in good, sensible and current science and a proper understanding of nutritional healing and how it really works. As a natural health professional I have seen and looked at many and this is just far and away the best out there for a lot of reasons, some of which I point out later in this article.


The 4 Phase Fat Elimination Program (4PFEP) – This program is the result of loads of research and work by Cyndi O’Meara and team from Changing Habits. Cyndi is visionary in her approach to nutritional healing and was an advocate of some radical approaches to nutritional healing in the past and I am happy to say that many of these have since gone on to be backed by current research in nutritional sciences as being valid and very effective. The program not only seeks to eliminate fat but general body toxicity and inflammation as well and is strongly focused on over all health as a main necessity in proper weight loss. It quite correctly places the responsibility for your well being onto you, the participant, and your choices and knowledge of food. To this end it places a great deal of importance on educating the participant in how to eat, shop, cook etc the foods they need for health and weight loss. It focuses on the quality of the food you eat not so much the quantity and this is a view now backed by current research findings. By empowering the participant to be in control of their food choices, Changing Habits surpass any other program currently available in my opinion. There is no ongoing need for anything other than food you buy each week as per normal except now, you know what to buy and why. The program offers ongoing professional support and guidance as this is a program that requires some self discipline and organization as you would expect but at no time do you feel alone. Finally the cost. The cost for this program is truly minimal in comparison to most others including Lite n Easy. Ongoing costs in the short term are minimal and thereafter are negligible as you are simply buying food and eating well.

Lite n Easy – The first thing that stands out with this program is the word ‘easy’. Yes it is easy. Punch in your details and you’re away with a preconceived, template program of meals. Further investigation of these meals shows where I feel this program falls down as a realistic option for weight loss and better long term health. There is no real education as to what foods to choose and why, no education at all about your health as such, just a home delivered meal plan that means you don’t have to cook or take responsibility at all for your well being. Going to the nutrition facts page shows clearly that many of these meals are high in sodium and sugar despite their claims to have reduced this; not really the best thing for your health. Closer examination of several of the meals shows preservatives, additives, refined starches and refined dairy products that are all well researched and known to create or exacerbate inflammation in the body; hardly what someone looking to improve their health should be having and this is despite their Dietitians claim that they “constantly evaluate the scientific data to check for new developments”. Apparently not, otherwise these meals would not be laden with preservatives etc. As far as I could see there was no ongoing guidance or support from trained coaches whilst on your program, but there was some help offered from “consultants” in helping you choose your plan initially. Whilst their glossy and aggressive advertising campaign makes the food look fresh and great, the fact is it isn’t otherwise there would be no need for preservatives and there are several online chat rooms where real people have stated that their experiences with the poor quality of the food. There is lots of plastic packaging so not so great from an environmental perspective either,  and really there is little to see you through to a better healthier life afterwards other than remaining a customer and consuming their products which isn’t, in my opinion, a solution.

My Conclusion

Look, if you are after home delivered meals because you are a FIFO worker or are unable to prepare your own meals for some reason, then Lite n Easy are a decent option for a decent feed no doubt and a better option than McDonalds, but is it a real “weight loss” and / or “healthy living” option in comparison to 4 Phase Fat Elimination Program? NO not even close. It greatly lacks in that respect.  What ever program you decide to go with for weight loss and improved health, make sure it empowers you for life so that you are healthy for life, not just for a few months. Remember, often nothing good comes easy, you need to do a bit in order to achieve the result you want. Remember, our bodies are designed to process FOOD not junky pretend artificial garbage posing as food.

I hope this has helped you out and given you some clarity surrounding weight loss. If you have any questions about weight loss or getting healthy feel free to contact me and ask away, I am only too happy to help you out and have a chat.

Until next time, be well, naturally.

Craig Hitchens – Natural Health Practitioner & Remedial Therapist




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