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Massage is Therapy Not a Luxury

Massage is Therapy Not a Luxury

Greetings friends. Sadly many people suffering from chronic soft tissue pain and problems still consider massage therapy a luxury that they can do without especially given the pressure on the family budgets these days. Yet many these same people will still hand over loads of money for their weekly fix of alcohol, junk foods and pain medications to mask the problem. Folks, massage is a Therapy, not a luxury! Alcohol and junk food binges etc will not relieve your pain, or stress in an effective way and it will NOT benefit your well being at all long term, it will in fact make it worse! Sadly, many people are stuck in a cycle of taking pain medications and anti-inflammatory drugs which are not healthy and can be dangerous long term as well as costly. The greatest underlying irony here is that most people who are taking refuge in these activities and substances who are suffering from long term chronic soft tissue pain somewhere in their body and other issues like chronic tension headaches which may, according to research findings( ( , be effectively helped and pain managed using massage therapy. Given that most people spend over $150.00 per week on alcohol, and this is a conservative estimate, surely allocating that to weekly or fortnightly massage therapy sessions is a much more effective way to reduce such well being issues both shorter and longer term. Pain medications are at record high usage rates in both the US and Australia with 100’s of millions of people spending 100’s of millions of dollars on them each year and it continues to rise. Generally most hour long massage therapy sessions are costing between $60 – $100. Add to this the other extras you get from massage therapy such as improved general well being, improved digestion, immunity, stress reductions and so on and this makes more sense than purchasing $150.00 worth of worse pain, more inflammation, liver damage and paying big dollars keeping big pharmaceutical companies rich surely!

Our population has lost sight of it’s priorities I feel. Your optimal well being is paramount in today’s world especially if you work for yourself, or work in a job that is stressful or physically demanding. The more you “maintain” yourself, then better you will perform and the happier you will be. Massage is therapy, yes it is a very pleasant therapy but thanks to places like retreats and spas etc “pampering” people with massage at over inflated prices, people are now perceiving it to be a “luxury” which, when applied in that type of environment it possibly could be seen that way, but in reality it is a much needed therapy for the current times.

I achieve a high rate of success (Reduction in pain, stiffness, improved stress levels etc) with most all of my clients for the simple reason that I explain the benefits to them of REGULAR massage therapy to them. Make it part of your well being routine same as going to the gym, doing yoga, eating right, getting plenty of quality sleep and drinking plenty of fresh water daily, include massage as a necessity also.  Make the time; 1 hour each week or fortnight is NOT a problem especially if you suffer from chronic musculo-skeletal pain or tension headaches, lower back pain and stiffness or similar. Massage therapy is being shown to be effective in helping these problems. It’ll cost you less than alcohol, it may help reduce your reliance on pain medications which are not healthy and also can be costly.

So as you read this and that familiar pain starts to surface in your body, really think about your next choice, will you choose the same old ways or will you give yourself the therapy you deserve?

Have a great day!

Craig Hitchens – Massage Therapist.



My own clinical experience.


Information contained in this article is NOT to replace any current medical treatment or advice. Seek professional advice before undertaking any therapy programme.


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