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NESHealth Pain Relieving Device


The NES MiHealth device is a powerful hand-held device that is non-invasive compact multi-functional instrument applied directly to the skin or held a short distance away from the body with the aim of harmonizing the self adaption and harmonizing functions of the human body. It utilizes short pulse electrical waves and magnetic fields (PEMFT) of a specific nature and frequency spectrum (PEMFT – See reference on Dr Oz!) which interact with the body’s connective tissue matrix, with the effect of accelerating fatigue recovery in the cells, tissues and mind. The MiHealth may be used to address acute and chronic situations in the body and has applications covering  physical, energy, mind, well being, protection, personal transformation and other specialist areas. Additionally, it can also be used to stimulate specific points on the body, helping it to come back to balance, enabling it to begin the self-healing process and better prepare for NESHealth Infoceutical programmes.

The MiHealth device is a T.G.A registered and approved Medical Device proven to be effective and safe.

The NES miHealth offers the synergistic effect of:

  • NES Health Informational Healthcare – NES Health Information is the prevalent capability within the NES miHealth. It works with your body’s natural energy and information systems to restore the balance and re-activate your body’s own healing mechanisms.
  • PEMFTPulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy – Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is used to fuse bones and has been cleared in certain devices to reduce swelling and joint pain. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) work on the same physics. A moving – or resonating – magnetic field can create currents without heating and thus directly alter cellular signaling. It has been firmly established that tissues including blood, muscle, ligaments, bone and cartilage respond to biophysical input, including electrical and electromagnetic fields. New studies show that with the proper field intensity and frequency, treatment with PEMF appears to be disease-modifying. The stimulation of TGF may be a mechanism by which PEMF favorably affects cartilage homeostasis. Through calcium-calmodulin-dependent pathways, PEMF may also increase nitric oxide activity. This therapy has been used to treat pain and edema in soft tissue for over 60 years. The technology stemmed from radio frequency (RF) diathermy, which utilized a continuous electromagnetic field to produce heat in soft tissue.
  • Bio-electro-Stimulation Therapy (BEST) – BEST uses biofeedback to stimulate the natural healing process by sending ‘mild’ electro impulses through the nervous system. This alerts the body to activate the self healing process. These electro impulses are the carrier medium for the prevalent NES Health Information.
  • Global Scaling – Global Scaling refers to the natural frequencies of the body. These are used to open up the information pathways of the body to ensure consistent communication of correct information.

MiHealth Outcomes Study – 93% Effectiveness.

An outcome study was conducted in order to gather some information on the use and efficacy of the NES miHealth device for use in research, training and marketing purposes.

The aims of the study were as follows:

  • Which conditions show the greatest response to the miHealth device
  • The optimal length of time for a particular setting, for each condition and function
  • Whether on-body or off body is more effective and for which conditions
  • How long the effect of the therapy lasts
  • What type of adverse reactions (or healing reactions) are experienced

In all cases, an average reduction of the symptoms of over 60% was experienced. After the second therapy session, even more participants – 93% – reported a significant improvement in their condition. Subjects with chronic conditions were also looked at separately and 85% of them reported an immediate positive effect from the therapy.

You can download the NES miHealth Outcome Study report here.

How the NES miHealth works

nesmihealth-priceThe MiHealth retrains your body and stimulates healing by communicating specifically with the parts of the body with which it is in contact. The device does this primarily by sending ultra-weak electrical signals, to the spot it is in contact with, and then “listening” to the body’s response from those signals. The goal is to get your body’s energy flow back to operating with maximum efficiency. Because the body can easily get trained into “patterns” where the energy becomes sluggish or stuck, rejuvenating the body’s energy flow is critical — not just to release any stuck patterns, but also to clear the way for new information and healing messages that can re-train the body into patterns of health and wellness.

In essence, the NES MiHealth speaks the human body’s language, producing electrical impulses that direct the body to the source location of energy blockages opening up the energetic pathways, stimulating the trigger points and bringing the body back to its natural oscillations and header_mihealthpreparing it to receive the new Information from the NES Infoceuticals or supplements. The Infoceuticals re-imprint the body-field back to its original blueprint providing new, and corrected, Information which in turn help the body to ‘remember’ issues that it may have “forgotten” (i.e. information has become distorted and the origin of the physical challenge has therefore been lost). The MiHealth, therefore, prepares the body-field for the Re-imprinting and Rebuilding stages of the NESHealth Total Wellness system, allowing the body to then better heal itself because it can now remember the location of the problem, as well as the problem’s cause or origin (which may be in a different location within the body).

Pain Reduction & Tissue Repair

mihealth_product_shotThe MiHealth also has a direct biochemical effect via the C-fibres, a particular type of nerve that accounts for about 85% of all nerves in the body. They are known to stimulate the production of neural and other types of peptides that mediate pain reduction and stimulate tissue repair. These fibres react most readily to electro-stimulation, which the MiHealth provides. Another unique feature of the NES MiHealth is that you can use each of its functions in both on-body or off-body (broadcast) mode. That way, no matter what unique constellation of symptoms or complaints you have, the therapist can fully control the intensity of the therapy.

The use of the MiHealth is included as part of the NESHealth System and I use it where needed in NESHealth Wellness Programs and where needed during Bodywork Sessions at no additional cost.

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Client Testimonial

I highly recommend Craig Hitchens and his services. Craig has helped and supported me through some very difficult health problems using NES and general nutritional advice. Craig has often provided advice and done research without me asking, sometimes without charging me, in his free time. He is a caring, well informed, passionate and highly motivated natural health practitioner. I Feel that NES has cured me of chronic Epstein Barr virus that left me bed ridden for 5 years. My chronic fatigue has been significantly reduced and I'm now living a normal, happy life.
Sylvia MacLeish - CFS Sufferer

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