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Myofascial Pain Syndrome – Remedial Massage Therapy May Help.

Myofascial Pain Syndrome - Remedial Massage Therapy May Help.

Greetings to you friends. Myofascial pain syndrome is a very common problem that I see almost daily in my clinical practice. Many people suffer from it and really have no idea that they do. It is often the precursor to more serious problem such as Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. This is a condition that can be both short term and long term and in both cases it is often able to be improved or cleared up with regular therapy sessions and some lifestyle, dietary changes and supplementation. To gain a better understanding of this condition and how remedial massage therapy and my approach may help you, enjoy reading on.

What is Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Myofascial pain syndrome is a chronic pain disorder. In myofascial pain syndrome, pressure on sensitive points in your muscles (trigger points) causes pain in seemingly unrelated parts of your body. This is called referred pain.


Myofascial pain syndrome typically occurs after a muscle has been contracted repetitively (Repetitive strain). Sensitive areas of tight muscle fibers can form in your muscles after injuries or overuse. These sensitive areas are called trigger points. A trigger point in a muscle can cause strain and pain throughout the muscle. When this pain persists and worsens, doctors call it myofascial pain syndrome. This can be caused by repetitive motions used in jobs or hobbies or by stress-related muscle tension where the muscle is constantly tense but moves very little,  ie; sitting at a desk typing. While nearly everyone has experienced muscle tension pain, the discomfort associated with myofascial pain syndrome persists or worsens.


  • Deep, aching pain in a muscle
  • Pain that persists or worsens
  • A tender knot in a muscle
  • Difficulty sleeping due to pain
  • Loss of range of movement

Natural Therapies I Use To Help

When I come across this condition I generally approach it slightly differently for each person as each person’s journey to this point is slightly different. Having said that, there is a standard approach I take with each person.

  • Locate The Cause – First thing I do is take a case history from the person and try to identify any activity they are performing regularly that may be causing or contributing to their condition. If or when located, the obvious thing to do is to cease or at least reduce it where ever possible.
  • Dietary and Lifestyle Factors – This is often another major contributing factor. Taking some time to find out what and how they eat, what they do for relaxation and so on can often show a pattern of poor habits that are contributing to the problem. More often than not a more alkaline diet is required, supplementation to reduce inflammation and aid muscle recovery are also quite commonly needed also. Nutritional support is most important. In some more chronic cases I will employ the NES system also to help break down chronic long term patterns within the person that are contributing to their condition be them emotional or physiological.
  • Body Therapies I Use – In most cases regular remedial therapy sessions are called for. In these I generally look to “heat” the muscles to increase circulation and lymphatic clearing as well as using trigger point therapy to release retained tension. Acupressure is also used during sessions to enhance chi’ flow and resonation for healing to occur. Cranial energy balancing also plays a role here helping the muscles to release and the innate healing mechanisms to engage.

Generally speaking, these combined approaches in my experience with my clients have a positive effect for the person suffering this condition. By adhering to a therapeutic program designed by me and regular sessions, the general result is a pronounced reduction in symptoms. In cases where the causal activity is employment based; being it is somewhat unavoidable, a long term management program is put in place which generally sees the person coping far better with reduced discomfort. Where the causal activity can be avoided, the results are often a cessation of symptoms. In saying this however, each individuals results will vary depending upon how well they adhere to their program and each persons individual constitution and situation.

Hope this has helped you to better understand this common condition and how I or another remedial therapist may be able to assist you. Have a great day!

Craig Hitchens – MST & Natural Health Specialist


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