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NES Aids Sports Injury Recovery

NES Aids Sports Injury Recovery

NES Aids Muscle Performance

Sports medicine schools should consider NES therapy as a revolutionary, new approach in their health promotion programs. The NES system is a fantastic way to aid your training and may help to increase your sporting performances. As with everything with NES, we scan you to find where in your biofields, the subtle information fields that govern all atomic and biochemical activity in the body, you have an imbalance and seek to correct it. The NES scan has a screen specifically for the musculo-skeletal fields and muscles in general. This is extremely useful for finding where problems are originating from and correcting them. This means that correct muscle metabolism is restored and we see a more efficient functioning of these fields and corresponding physiological areas. Often in cases of chronic injury we see a speeding up of healing times and less recurrence of pain and symptoms. We also see improved ability of nutrients and other factors to muscles and soft tissues to aid them to repair themselves after training and better removal of toxins and waste that vigorous exercise and training produces. The NES often helps sports nutrition to work more effectively and further complements any type of musculo-skeletal therapy.


For example, take the recent case of a client I will name “Bill”, this of course is not his real name. Bill presented with a history of shoulder pain and soreness as well as generally finding himself more easily fatigued when playing his sport of choice, cricket. He had been receiving fortnightly treatments from his physio and massage therapist but till the problems persisted and had done so for over 18 months from a smaller injury whilst bowling. Bill’s scan revealed issues at the muscle driver area; this governs the muscle field in general, an integrator or pathway that travelled through the problem shoulder area as well.  We worked on these areas by Bill taking the corresponding drops for correction for one month. Upon Bill’s next visit, he reported a dramatic reduction in the pain in the area and said he felt far less fatigue. The new scan revealed the muscle driver field had returned to optimum and the pathway was now functioning properly. From here I prescribed him a preparation called “Rejuv” which helps with muscle field repair and maintenance that he could take after each game or training session. I saw Bill again one month later for a follow up and he reported almost no pain at all after a game and training and that he felt more energetic when playing with far less fatigue.

So what happened?

By correcting Bill’s muscle driver field, the removal of wastes and toxins is made more efficient as well as general muscle energy and cellular repair. The driver also releases any stored tension and aids in relaxation, a much overlooked aspect of muscle recovery. The pathway needed to be corrected for correct metabolic messages to travel to the area as well as various other functions these have. Once the informational integrity of these was restored, Bill’s body understood how to correct it and went about doing it very efficiently. By leaving him with something to use after each game and training session, namely the “Rejuv” preparation, he is able to maintain that and thus be more able to prevent the problem from occurring again.

Now the actual recovery time will vary from person to person, Bill was ok within a month or two, for others this time may be more or less than this depending upon how bad the problem is. None the less it is plain to see that this may be a very good option for anyone suffering from a sports or work related muscle or soft tissue injury. If you would like to know more or use this approach for your condition just get in touch!

Have a great day!

Craig Hitchens – Natural Health Specialist


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I highly recommend Craig Hitchens and his services. Craig has helped and supported me through some very difficult health problems using NES and general nutritional advice. Craig has often provided advice and done research without me asking, sometimes without charging me, in his free time. He is a caring, well informed, passionate and highly motivated natural health practitioner. I Feel that NES has cured me of chronic Epstein Barr virus that left me bed ridden for 5 years. My chronic fatigue has been significantly reduced and I'm now living a normal, happy life.
Sylvia MacLeish - CFS Sufferer

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