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NEShealth Aids With Obesity

NEShealth Aids With Obesity

Greetings friends. Today I bring you some more useful research findings from NEShealth relating to weight loss and quality of life. Obesity is currently one of the most prevalent causes of poor health and death in the modern age we live in. With such a large percentage of the population currently suffering from this condition it is an area currently receiving a great deal of focus from health professionals. The obvious areas to look in of course are food quality and diet / nutritional factors as well as general lifestyle and there are proven factors within each of these areas that will lead to fat loss and a normalization of body mass over time but for some this is still not enough and these people are often forced by their condition and doctors to take drastic actions such as lap band surgery and dangerous diet drugs that can have some very nasty side effects. This is where NEShealth have perhaps uncovered a new frontier worthy of much more investigation. Dr Konstantina Fyta, Ph.D has recently conducted a clinical trial of NEShealth therapy to evaluate the efficacy of the NEShealth Infoceuticals on health-related quality of life and weight loss in overweight and obese individuals. Several studies on the overweight population have demonstrated that obesity confers negative consequences and affects the quality of life in a variety of domains other than health, including physical, mental and psycho-social functioning, sexual life, self-esteem, and work-related quality (Nguyen, et al., 2006; Renzaho, et al., 2010). Considering quality of life as one of the major personal consequences of obesity and an important reason for seeking professional healthcare, improving health-related quality of life will represent a critical therapeutic goal of any obesity treatment and not simply to promote weight loss. This study was conducted to asses the effect of a therapy (NEShealth), that purports to correct distortion in the body field, on the quality of life of subjects who are overweight.

Study Results

Health-Sign-blue-iconSeven overweight/obese (1 male and 6 female) volunteers, mean age 42 years, participated in a two month case study. The Impact of Weight on Quality of Life-Lite (IWQOL-Lite) questionnaire was used to assess health-related quality of life. A Health Case History Report, the 24-hour dietary recall questionnaire, the NES Health Pro-Vision Scan and the Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) were also used. Follow-up periods ranged from 1 to 2 months. Following the completion of the NEShealth Infoceutical programme over a two month period, all participants reported higher IWQOL-Lite scores than their baseline scores (changes range from 1.9-18.3) and four of the seven participants demonstrated clinically meaningful change. Several improvements on the nervous, digestive, circulatory, muscular, immune and urinary systems have been also revealed. Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) revealed a decreased body fat mass index (BFFM) and body fat percentage and an increase of their lean mass, fat free mass index (FFMI) and body water respectively.

Human Body Field – HBF – The Basis For New Health Science.

human bodyfieldThe current biochemical model of the human body is of course still very relevant but there is now a growing body of evidence and data that clearly shows that there is so much more going on in the human body system and that the existence of an endogenous collective biofield that comprises electrical, magnetic, thermal, optical, and acoustic, classical and non-classical energy fields emitted from and contained within the complex of the human being (Benor, 2004; Creath & Schwartz, 2005; Curtis & Hurtak, 2004; Liboff, 2004; Mukhopadhyay, 2006) is indeed real, scientifically verifiable and is showing to be most useful in helping to treat a number of disease states in human and animal health at all levels; emotional, mental and physical. The biofield encodes information about the psycho-physical health of the individual and regulates both the energy needed to control bio-processes and to transmit this information throughout the individual (Lindquist, 2001; Rubik, 1995). Based on the assumption that any disease may occur when the endogenous biofield is disturbed, this disruption can be addressed via interventions involving informational/energy fields by supplying bio-information at the quantum and potential levels to neutralize disease information within the body (Scandrett-Hibdon, 2005). Within the NEShealth system these theories have been expanded upon and successfully used to help a wide range of health issues which now includes obesity.

Being that obesity is on the rise and certainly a complex problem, it may well be that the discovery of the effectiveness of NEShealth therapy at aiding further unseen factors relating to obesity is destined to become a useful adjunct or outright treatment option for those suffering from obesity and the negative effects that come with it. With further research it may be possible to find a drug free solution that can help these people and save them money in the process. No doubt that will bring the usual howls of ‘pseudoscience’ from the usual ‘pseudo-skeptics’ and big pharma sponsored exponents of the ‘cult of scientism’ but the fact remains that this approach to health is based on science and it is showing tangible results. They can howl all they like, change is inevitable and hopefully it is a change that sees safe, inexpensive therapies like this become more accessible to those that need it.

If you would like to read or keep a copy of the study there is a link below.

Until next time, be well, naturally.


Craig Hitchens – Natural Health Practitioner & Remedial Therapist.

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