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NESHealth is often quite a new concept for a lot of people to get their heads around and therefore lots of questions arise. The theory and science behind NESHealth is not all that new but it is a newer direction for health care, so it is not surprising that not many people have heard about this therapy. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning NESHealth Therapy. If your question is not on here, please feel free to get in touch with me and ask so that I can help you understand.

  • 1. Is NESHealth therapy safe with prescription medicines? – Yes. You can continue to take your prescription medicines whilst on NESHealth Infoceutical drops or using miHealth treatments. They will not directly interact and in many cases the drops may even help you reduce side effects of medications.
  • 2. Is NESHealth safe to use when pregnant and or breastfeeding? – Yes in some instances, no in others. It depends upon what the person is needing therapy for. In some instances NESHealth is safe and very helpful, in others it may make breast milk taste different and therefore upset normal feeding. Each case is looked at individually and assessed as to it’s viability and safety.
  • 3. Is NESHealth like Homeopathy? Yes but it is more advanced. Homeopathy is significant part of what NESHealth is derived from along with nutritional therapy, Chinese medicine and several other fields of health science. NESHealth is able to accurately map, find and pinpoint disturbances within the Human Body Field, classical homeopathy doesn’t do this. The Infoceutical Drops are then made to correspond to these regions in the Human Body Field. These are in a sense Homeopathic but a bit different to normal Homeopathic remedies. Rather than the drops be made from a substance outside the body and diluted down like normal Homeopathic remedies, Infoceuticals Drops are made from diluting down various blends of colloidal minerals as a base in purified water. The corresponding signature from the Human Body Field is then broken down into a numerical sequence which is then fed into a radionic type imprinting device which then imprints radionically the signature into the Infoceutical drops thus changing the structure of the liquid. They are made to correspond to the body directly with information from the body field that the body field will recognize and use to re-balance and heal. You can perhaps think of it as Homeopathy 2.0. More accurate and more effective.
  • 4. Will NESHealth cure cancer? – NESHealth has not been proven to be a viable cancer treatment on it’s own. However, I have found it to be a very useful post cancer therapy to help the person recover faster from treatments like chemotherapy. NESHealth also shows good potential as a possible preventative.
  • 5. Can you use NESHealth on children? – Yes. I have used it very successfully on many children for many and varied reasons such as poor general well being, poor digestion, skin problems, anxiety, behavioral problems, autism and improved school performance. Often times when using NESHealth for kids, they respond much faster than adults do.
  • 6. Do the drops taste bad? – No. In most cases they have very little taste. Sometimes you can pick up a mild flavour of the base mixture which is a bit like a mild alcohol taste. The drops are taken in water so most times you will not notice much taste at all.
  • 7. Can NESHealth be used long term safely? – Yes. It is very safe to use long term. Chronic conditions often require long term protocols to achieve a more permanent resolution. I personally use it daily and have done so for many years. The thing to remember is that the drops help to harmonize and assist in your body’s own mechanisms of healing and well being. It induces nothing artificial as such like drugs do. NESHealth is great to use as a long term or ongoing preventative in many cases as well. They have no long term side effects other than great well being!
  • 8. Can I claim NESHealth on my private health fund? – Not at this time. This may change in the future. I hope so!
  • 9. What training do NESHealth practitioners have to do? – NESHealth is a stand alone modality in it’s own right but it is also a useful addition to most natural therapies. To qualify to be a practitioner you must complete with a satisfactory passing grade a comprehensive training course that covers all aspects of the system. This generally takes at least 12 – 18 months. To qualify to even purchase the system and to be able to take the course you need to already be qualified in natural health fields such as; remedial therapist, homeopath, naturopath, nutritionist, chiropractor, osteopath or medical doctor. At the very least you need to have studied in the fields of health science so you have sufficient background knowledge to properly use the system. In my case I wanted to make NESHealth my primary modality so I studied general health science, clinical nutrition, medicinal herbalism and also have pre-existing qualifications in remedial massage therapy, counseling and meditation instruction. My studies have been deliberately geared towards giving myself a solid foundation to practice NESHealth with and to ensure I have back up therapies to support my work with NESHealth at all levels.
  • 10. Is NESHealth expensive to receive? – Not really. I keep my consultation prices to a reasonable amount; $85.00 initial, $65.00 follow up. The infoceutical drops are $30 per bottle. Most clients require between 2-4 bottles per protocol (average is around 3). Each protocol (programme) will run for at least 4-5 weeks. Sometimes there is a need for some extra natural medicines for a short time so this will add to the cost, but this is only on an as needed basis. I do not believe in issuing clients with large amounts of supplements. I prefer to use foods and dietary tweaks wherever possible to support your progress.
  • 11. Can NESHealth help me with emotional / mental problems like anxiety or stress? – Yes. NESHealth deals with the whole person. It is very useful for clearing deep seated issues or more recent issues. It very useful for dealing with stress, anxiety and mild depressive symptoms. It also helps with meditation, setting goals and getting motivated and animating your dreams and desires. NESHealth is also a wonderful adjunct therapy for people who are undergoing counseling or any other type of cognitive therapy or coaching.
  • 12. Can NESHealth help me sleep better? – Yes. One of the main things people first notice about NESHealth therapy is they are mentally more clear and sleep quality improves. Many of the regions scanned with NESHealth relate directly to the nervous system and sleep centres.
  • 13. Are there any side effects to NESHealth therapy? – Not in the same way that drugs or prescription medicines will produce unwanted and often harmful side effects. With NESHealth therapy we are helping the body harmonize and balance and assisting in and supporting your natural mechanisms of healing and correction. This will sometimes bring with it some detoxification and in some cases a healing crisis. These are natural processes to experience when healing properly and whilst may be a little uncomfortable, generally pass quickly and are part of getting better. Some commonly experienced healing symptoms include; emotional releases, increased thirst for water, changes in bowel movements, more frequent urination, appetite changes, vivid dreams. If you are someone who has used homeopathy and natural medicine before you may well be aware of this, but if not, then it is something new. It is nothing to be afraid of and I am here to help guide you through it. If you experience some of these then it is a sure sign things are on the move! Most people on the whole find they have mild versions of these types of symptoms or none at all, it is generally only the very unwell that may experience more noticeable symptoms.
  • 14. I am quite a spiritual person and like to work with my chakras, can NESHealth help me with that? – Yes. NESHealth scan will also show you a lot of information around the chakra system and how balanced they are. There is a whole section of the scan results dedicated to mind/body aspects of healing and self improvement, goal setting, emotions etc.
  • 15. Can I still take flower essences, homeopathics, supplements etc when I am taking the infoceutical drops? – Yes you can. In most cases you won’t need to, but if you like to or feel better doing so, it is not going to interfere with the NESHealth drops. In some cases the NESHealth infoceutical drops will help to harmonize the action of other remedies so it is a great therapy to use in conjunction with other Naturopathic or Medical treatments.
  • 16. How long before I start to see results from the therapy? – This varies from person to person but on a general level most people will notice some type of change within the first 1 – 2 programs. Remember that each protocol (program) runs for around 1 month. To effect a more permanent and deeper healing for more chronic problems it may take several protocols. Poor health usually takes a while to develop so therefore it isn’t going to heal overnight. I do not sell miracle cures! Patience and persistence with this therapy generally yields good positive results and improvements. Remember I am here to guide you through the process and answer questions at any time.

Well there you have it friends, I hope this has helped bring you some clarity and confidence in using this wonderful system of therapy. If you still have questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I am only too happy to chat with you and answer your questions.

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Craig Hitchens – Natural Health Practitioner | Remedial Therapist

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I highly recommend Craig Hitchens and his services. Craig has helped and supported me through some very difficult health problems using NES and general nutritional advice. Craig has often provided advice and done research without me asking, sometimes without charging me, in his free time. He is a caring, well informed, passionate and highly motivated natural health practitioner. I Feel that NES has cured me of chronic Epstein Barr virus that left me bed ridden for 5 years. My chronic fatigue has been significantly reduced and I'm now living a normal, happy life.
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