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Superfoods Clarified

Superfoods Clarified

Greetings friends. Today’s article is in response to some questions from my clients recently concerning “Superfoods” and some recent negative media attention from popular ABC program “The Checkout” and various others claiming to term “Superfoods” to be false and misleading. Let me first state that the term “Superfoods” is term referring to a food that is “a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.” This term is not false. There are such foods out there available that are just this, but there again most naturally grown foods are. Therein lays the problem. The ABC’s “Checkout” program quite rightly has a dig at the current trend of supplement companies trying to cash in on over-priced supplements using this term out of context as a marketing term. Truth is most of these foods are no more or less beneficial than most other naturally grown foods that are nutrient dense. If you take a banana, a carrot, avocado, ginger, apple, coconut water and blend it into a smoothie, you also have a “Superfood” by definition as it is nutrient dense and these nutrients are especially beneficial for well being. It will also cost much less too, so don’t be fooled by this marketing ploy and misuse of this term.

I do however take exception to the generalized claim that none of these foods have been shown to be especially beneficial to your well being. That too is false as there are many that have been shown to be highly beneficial to your well being such as Blueberries. The latest place for this to show up is on the ever pathetic “Wikipedia” where such misinformation is rife on many subjects (If you believe Wikipedia, you’ll believe anything!) where the information has been edited with, shall we say, a certain flavour of bias. There are in fact many studies showing the health benefits and preventative health care applications of many foods, for example Blueberries, in the diet. One study, such as the one undertaken by the  Harvard School of Public Health and the University of East Anglia that commenced in 1991, showed that sustained intake of Anthanocyanins, a class of flavonoids found in Blueberries, can reduce the risk of heart attack in young and middle aged women by 32%. Another was done by the University of Maine that showed similar results in helping prevent and improve pathologies associated with cardio-vascular disease and diabetes. This is only one example but you can see my point I am sure. Of course quite predictably, drug companies don’t like this because they are all about you buying there “Treatments” products like Statin drugs and keeping them rich, as shown by yet another ABC program “Catalyst” a while back. Marketing men were to blame in that instance too for somewhat misleading people into thinking that they need something that they don’t for a condition that may well be prevented by a more healthful lifestyle and diet.

It has been often stated though by many in the media that no “Food” or “Superfood” has yet been shown to cure any disease in a scientific sense. What does that mean? Simply nobody has been able to show scientifically that it can cure disease. Many foods however been shown scientifically to have a preventative action in reducing the likelihood of disease and that is the point, it is about prevention not cure.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this; All foods naturally occurring and grown are nutritionally dense or a “Superfood”. These contain the nutrition needed for optimal health and well being as well as many and varied other constituents that have been shown to have disease preventing capabilities. Some foods have been shown to assist with certain conditions and be beneficial in this capacity but none are yet “scientifically proven cures” for existing disease. This may change one day with further research and developments in science. If you see a product marketed to you as a “Superfood” be aware that you are paying way too much for something you can make with your blender for a couple of dollars. Supplements are really only ever useful to you if you have an increased need for something your diet can not provide adequately. The term “Superfood” means nutritionally dense, not that it will turn you into superman or cure your cancer on the spot.

I hope this has shed a little clarity on this topic for you. Until next time, be well naturally 🙂

Craig Hitchens – Natural Health Practitioner







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