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Theracurmin – The Complete Healer

Theracurmin - The Complete Healer

Curcumin is one of the most intensely studied botanical medicine products. Research has indicated a long list of possible uses due to its ability to switch off inflammation in a manner previously unseen. Unfortunately, clinical research has been held back a little due to curcumin’s poor absorption rate in humans. Theracurmin™ is the most bioavailable form of curcumin and is showing some amazing results and has recently been featured on Australian T.V. prompting a great deal of interest from many of my clients. As such here’s some information about Theracurmin™ for you so to better understand it’s ability to help you with inflammation based problems.

Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Protection – More Bioavailabilty

Theracurmin™ is an advanced form of curcumin—the yellow pigment of turmeric (Curcuma longa), the main ingredient in curry and many other Asian dishes. Curcumin has shown significant activity in many experimental and clinical studies, but its effects have been a bit lacking until now because of poor absorption. Theracurmin™ is by far the most bioavailable form of curcumin and represents a major breakthrough in the use of curcumin to promote health and treat illnesses. Many of curcumin’s beneficial effects are attributed to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Special Healing Effects of Curcumin

What research has consistently documented is that curcumin is highly pleiotropic – this means it helps in many different ways. The main finding is curcumin’s ability to act as an antioxidant and influence many factors involved when normal inflammatory processes become imbalanced. Curcumin has shown significant anti-inflammatory activity in a variety of experimental models as well as in clinical studies. In these studies, curcumin’s anti-inflammatory effects have been shown to be as good as potent drugs like; hydrocortisone and phenylbutazone, as well as over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen.

Curcumin has also shown significant effects in preventing the accumulation of compounds associated with premature aging. For example, beta-amyloid is a compound linked to brain aging and the development of Alzheimer’s disease. It is essentially a biochemical scar in brain tissue that reflects damage due to inflammation. Curcumin is showing great promise in preserving brain health by preventing the accumulation of beta-amyloid. However, in order for this benefit to be realized, it must first be absorbed.

Enhancing the Benefits of Curcumin Through Better Absorbency

While many preliminary studies show curcumin has great promise, a major issue holding back its clinical use has been that it is not very well absorbed. Several types of curcumin products have now been developed to more effectively raise blood and tissue levels of curcumin. Theracurmin™ is widely considered by far the most advanced of these techniques. This all-natural preparation reduces the particle size of curcumin, while significantly increasing its solubility. The average particle size of typical curcumin is 22.75 ?m. In Theracurmin™, the particle size has been reduced to 0.19 to 0.3 ?m. This is a reduction of over 100 times. This reduced particle size curcumin is then mixed with natural emulsifiers to suspend it in a highly bioavailable mixture that is then dried. The result of all of this technology is a dramatic increase in the absorption of curcumin as compared to all other currently available commercial forms that have been tested, including other enhanced forms of curcumin. Gotta love science hey! Check out the video

 Theracurmin™ Allows More “Free” Curcumin

As well as being poorly absorbed, regular curcumin is rapidly metabolized in the liver. When measuring levels of curcumin in the blood during absorption studies, the value of curcumin is based upon total curcuminoids, including metabolites. The only product form that has shown to actually increase the free curcumin form is Theracurmin™. Since free curcumin is a lot more active than the metabolites, it is very likely that Theracurmin™ is not only better absorbed by the body, but it also has additional benefits when compared to other supplemental forms of curcumin.

Health Benefits of Theracurmin™

Because Theracurmin™ enhances the absorption of curcumin, all of the benefits associated with curcumin are also therefore enhanced. Theracurmin™ has been the subject of many clinical studies that have shown Theracurmin™ has an ability to reduce tissue damage caused by inflammation and inflammatory conditions, improves liver function, increase the ability of the heart to function more efficiently, and increase the flexibility of the arteries. Theracurmin™ is now being investigated for even more therapeutic properties at some of the major universities and research centres in the world. The dosage recommendation of Theracurmin™, based upon the existing clinical evaluation, is 300 to 600 mg per day.

 What Conditions Can Theracurmin™ Help With?

Because Theracurmin™ is able to help in many different ways it is a great product to use for many and varied conditions. It’s principal use is for reducing inflammation; joint inflammation associated with Arthritis and also soft tissue inflammation associated with sport injuries, inflammation associated with Fibromyalgia, assisting liver, gall bladder and digestive function, aiding brain health and aids in healthy circulatory functioning. Therefore any type of condition associated with these areas is likely to benefit from the use of Theracurmin™. About the only thing you need to be careful of is Chemotherapy drugs. Curcumin has been shown to enhance the sensitivity of cancer cells to most chemotherapy agents. It also has been shown to protect against chemotherapy-induced damage to heart and other tissues. However, may interfere with the effects of some chemotherapy agents based upon studies in cell cultures. Although the clinical significance of this interaction is not known, I recommend anyone taking those medication to check with their prescribing Doctor first before embarking upon using Theracurmin™.

Where To Obtain It – I Want To Try It!

Most health food stores will stock this product as will some pharmacies with potency up to around 300mg. However, as with all natural medicines, it is best administered under supervision for best and safest effect. There is a “Practitioner Only Clinical” version that is only available through consultation with a health professional and this is currently the highest dose available (600mg).

Well I hope this has shed some light upon this amazing natural medicine for you friends. Craig Hitchens Therapies has Theracurmin™ available to you via consultation simply get in touch to book.

Until next time, be well, naturally.

Craig Hitchens – Natural Health Practitioner



Thercurmin_Research – Download a .zip file with .pdf documents containing the clinical trials for your own readings:

  • Theracurmin Human Absorption Study #1
  • Theracurmin Human Absorption Study #2
  • Theracurmin Improves Arterial Function in Postmenopausal Women
  • Theracurmin Review – Improves Congestive Heart Failure – Most Bioavailable Form of Curcumin

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