Clinical Nutrition

Functional Pathology testing is used to ascertain where your imbalances lay & once known, dietary interventions & natural medicines are used to re establish balance.

NESHealth Bio-Energetics

The NESHealth finds & corrects the deepest source of bio-field imbalances that may cause poor health & restores balance to your whole being.

Targeted Remedial Therapy

Targeted Remedial Therapy provides a new way to approach soft tissue & injury healing. I am able to tailor an approach to suit your needs be that an injury or ongoing problem.

Emotional Healing & Coaching

Emotional Healing & Coaching combines mindfulness meditation techniques, TFT meridian tapping techniques & counselling / coaching to help alleviate troubling emotions.

$95.00/1 hour

Initial Consultation

NESHealth Scan Included

$65.00/1/2 hour

Follow Up Consultation

NESHealth Scan Included

10% OFFTotal Price

Pensioner Consultation

NESHealth Scan Included

Online Naturopathic Consultations Available

Online Naturopathic Consultations are now available via phone or email. No need to miss out on looking after your health & well being due to location or being time poor. You can now enjoy the benefits of natural health care from where ever you are in Australia.

  • Ideal for Busy People
  • Available to Anyone in Australia
  • Affordable Rates
  • Functional Pathology Testing Available
  • Professional Natural Health Care

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